About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog! I am Samantha Ng. I am a normal stay-at-home mum to 2 boisterous boys and at the same time, I am doing part-time home tuition.

With my busy schedule everyday, I try to squeeze in some time to do my favorite thing - cooking. I have a passion for cooking since young. My sisters and I had to cook for ourselves when my mum had to go out to work. I look forward everyday to cooking time to see what recipe my mum had prepared for me to try out.

Many of my recipes here are either online recipes that I tried and tested, recipes from recipe books or recipes of dishes that were cooked by my mum or grandmothers. For the latter, I used my memory of how the dishes were done and tried to replicate the dishes. Many a times, recipes that I come across or my passed-down recipes will be slightly altered by me to fit the palate of my fussy eaters! There are also some recipes that I come up with based on my family's food preferences.

With this blog, I am jotting down the bits and pieces of my cooking adventures to be passed down to my children and also to share with people who loves cooking and baking!

I would be so happy if you can leave me a comment if you have tried and like my recipes. Also, much effort has been put in testing the recipes and doing up the pictures and postings. So, I would really appreciate if you can link back to me should you try and post my recipes elsewhere.  I would gladly do the same for you!

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